Expert telecommunications cabling for commercial and industrial projects.

Smarttech understand today’s modern office suites require a variety of bandwidth-dependent devices, interconnected to your network infrastructure. We plan, install and review all our data projects using quality cabling equipment, ensuring a powerful performance and increased network flexibility. You can have confidence the work conducted by our qualified team of cablers meets the highest industry standards.

Structured cabling customised for any office.

Our cabling specialists design, upgrade, maintain and execute a range of cabling systems, from small offices and community hubs to corporate government buildings. By testing existing cabling infrastructure, we can also make sure your current system is utilising the fastest available connection.

Super fast internet installations.

We work with you to produce the most suitable cabling solution for your office. Whether your current system needs updating or you’re moving to a new building, our trained electricians work efficiently and effectively, so you use the new facilities as soon as possible.