Our team treats your home like it’s their own.

Whether your home needs a small installation, major renovation or comprehensive system for a new premise, our team of qualified, attentive technicians offer expert advice and superior quality. We work with you to guarantee all household electrical requirements work accurately and reflect the character of your home while ensuring your project stays within budget.

Start with a reliable electrical foundation.

Building a new house can be challenging; let Smarttech handle the stress of planning the electrical system for your new home. Our team stays up-to-date with the industry’s most innovative solutions to guarantee your home feels contemporary, stylish, energy-friendly and cost-efficient.

Plan your renovations with confidence.

Are you planning a renovation or house extension? The experienced team at Smarttech have an impressive record designing and implementing home improvement projects. We are there for you through each stage of the renovation process, whether it’s reviewing electrical systems with your architect or suggesting lighting and power options with your interior designer.

Ensure your new pre-built home is safe.

Smarttech also provides electrical inspection services. An inspection, prior to purchasing a property, identifies hazardous electrical issues that may be dangerous to your family and costly to repair once final contracts are signed. Not only does the safety inspection report give you peace of mind, but it can also be employed when negotiating the price of the property.